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19.990 Ft (15.740 Ft + ÁFA)
Technology: X-TRACK triggering hardness: 6 to 14 Nm body: aluminium axle/bottom bracket axis: Chromoly+ Layup material: Chromoly supporting surface: 350mm² support width: 57mm height axle + pedal plates: 16.8mm (10.7+6.1mm) Weight: 195g per pedal Weight Pair of pedals + pedal plates: 494g The X-Track convinces with easy entry and exit and a large contact area. The contact surface of 350mm² provides best contact between the shoe sole and the pedal, the most important point where the rider's power is transferred to the bike. The triggering hardness is adjustable from 6 - 14NM on both sides. The pedal body is made of robust aluminium. All pedals of the X-Track series are compatible with Shimano's SPD system. The X-Track is available in dark grey and red. The scope of delivery includes the X-Track Cleat. The X-Track Easy Cleat is optionally available for easier entry and exit.
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