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19.990 Ft (15.740 Ft + ÁFA)
The X-TRACK is LOOK's entry level off-road pedal, which does not mean technology is left aside. The aluminum body and Chromoly+, double-sealed axle are robust and ensure total fluidity thru the pedalstroke. Tension can be quickly and easily adjusted from 6 thru 14. SPINDLE Spindle material Chromoly + BODY & PLATFORM Technology X-TRACK Body material Aluminim Platform area 350 mm² Platform width 50 mm RETENSION & CLEATS Retention 6 to 14 Cleats Standard cleat included ( easy cleat available separately) WEIGHT & SIZES Weight Pedal 200 g Weight pair + cleats 450 g Stack height + cleats 16,8 mm ( 10,7 + 6,1 mm ) THINK "X-TRACK" Two types of 2-screw micro cleats are available to complement our X-TRACK pedals and enhance your ride. Choose the classic clip in / unidirectional clip out version if you are a confident rider searching for performance. For beginners or leisure riders, our X-TRACK EASY model features multidirectional disengagement for that little extra security and comfort.
Gyártó: Look
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