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19.990 Ft (15.740 Ft + ÁFA)
The X-TRACK RACE shares its design with the CARBON and Ti models, pffering a composite body and Chromoly+ axle for optimal stiffness during your rides. The SPD mechanism functions reliably even in the most extreme conditions, evacuating any elements which may get caught under your shoes. SPINDLE Spindle material Chromoly + BODY & PLATFORM Technology X-TRACK Body material Composite Platform area 515 mm² Platform width 50 mm RETENSION & CLEATS Retention 5 to 14 Cleats Standard cleat included ( easy cleat available separately) WEIGHT & SIZES Weight Pedal 182 g Weight pair + cleats 415 g Stack height + cleats 16,8 mm (10,7 + 6,1 mm) THINK "X-TRACK" Two types of 2-screw micro cleats are available to complement our X-TRACK pedals and enhance your ride. Choose the classic clip in / unidirectional clip out version if you are a confident rider searching for performance. For beginners or leisure riders, our X-TRACK EASY model features multidirectional disengagement for that little extra security and comfort.
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