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ELITE NERO interaktív szabadgörgő

349.990 Ft
235.990 Ft (185.819 Ft + ÁFA)
7% (830W) FEKETE ÖSSZECSUKHATÓ Páratlan interaktivitás • Végignéztük a Quick Motion legjobb tulajdonságait, majd úgy gondoltuk, interaktívvá tesszük – így született meg a Nero. • Itt van a Nero, az ELITE új interaktív görgője, mely összekapcsolja a Quick Motion összes innovációját az Arion Digital Smart B+ interaktivitását. • A technikailag kiválóan teljesítő és lenyűgöző kinézetű Nero mindent megtesz, hogy biztosítsa az izgalmas és fejlesztő edzést! • Ez az első szabadgörgő, mely két lendkerékkel rendelkezik. • 12 hónap ingyenes előfizetés a My E-Training (mobil verzió) applikációhoz.
Gyártó: Elite
Elérhetőség: Raktáron


NERO + is an interactive roller that interacts with all kinds of apps, software, computers and devices (smartphones and tablets) with IOS, Android, MacOS and Windows.
It adjusts its resistance based on the training session you’re doing. Nero uses the ANT+ and Bluetooth wireless communication protocols to immediately send all training data to programs, apps and software.
Its ability to wirelessly communicate with most software and apps available gives cyclists the advantage of being able to choose among a range of different training sessions.
We suggest My E-Training (12-month free subscription) as it employs a variety of functions that can satisfy all cyclists, from beginners to experts.

Nero comes with a wide range of innovative solutions that improve the overall indoor training experience.

Pedaling roundness
Before NERO, rollers never stood out for their amazing pedaling roundness. 
To improve, we implemented two flywheels in the rear rollers.
Thanks to this adopted solution the Nero's pedaling roundness is 1200 times higher than Quick-Motion's one. Indeed, when you ride on the Nero you’ll feel as you were riding outside even when you face a climb.

Ease of use
Riding on a roller is not easy at the beginning. Jumping on a bike which has no stability can be tricky and sometimes scary.
With Nero, you have no reason to be afraid. A step has been integrated to assist the rider.
Thanks to this integrated step the rider has a solid base when it’s time to start riding or when he finishes his training sessions. Furthermore, once your training session is done, you can easily fold the step that perfectly disappears within Nero design.

Floating system
Nero has absorbed all the best out of Quick-Motion.
Indeed, one of Nero’s main features is the floating system.

It makes it easier to approach rollers as it absorbs abrupt movements, typical of an initial lack of confidence, and gently returns them.
This means that in a matter of minutes even the less experienced athlete can easily get used to Nero and efficiently train on this type of roller.

In addition, the floating system implemented in Nero significantly improves all those athletic gestures exercised by more experienced users such as, for instance, standing while cycling. In fact, it absorbs rapid movements typical of an out-of-the-saddle workout and gradually returns them.

The biggest difference between Nero and Quick-Motion is perhaps the interactivity.
The three-level magnetic resistance unit of Q-M is replaced by a new interactive unit. This unit is able to simulate slopes up to 7% which is a considerable percentage considering the type of product, ie a roller.
This means that training on this roller becomes interactive, fun and exciting.

The numerous athletic activities that can be performed on this roller combine with the possibility of using different types of software currently in the market.
Face a climb - either from an Elite Real video or from the virtual world of Zwift - on Nero; you can feel the resistance that continually changes to give you an almost perfectly real experience.

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